Chief Finds His Forever Home and We Will Be at a Loss

We are on the cusp of another foster pup heading to their loving forever home. I’m so thrilled for Chief and so sad he is leaving us.

Chief has been with us for three-and-a-half months…longest foster to date. This is going to be a hard one. We are used to a foster pup(or three) for a few weeks at most – even then it is hard to lose them. Our loss, but their gain.

Chief has been here long enough to feel like our own. He is a perfect fit for our two dogs. Don’t get me wrong: this boy came to us as a fear-ridden, submissive-peeing-marker with trust issues and poor health. He had Lyme disease, Ehrlichia and heartworm when we welcomed him into our home. The first two ailments were cured with antibiotics, but the heartworm had to be treated aggressively. This meant two shots near the spine 24-hours apart and five weeks of no excitement. Ha! There was no keeping this pup calm with Tucker, our two-year-old, 80-lb. goofus and squirrels for Chief to pursue. But…Chief did great with his healing.

Now, clear of all ailments (except heartworm tests must be done monthly) Chief is going to a wonderful family with two children, ages eight and two. What a lucky boy! I am so sad for us, but so happy for this little one we helped find his Happily-Ever-After!

But, this is why we and all other fosters do what we do. We are a waystation. A loving, caring, nurturing, training, patient (mostly) and safe place for these creatures to learn how to be in a home, to be loved, to be great pets and to move on to bless someone else’s life.

The rescue we work with, is the best! Our fosters are vetted as well as our adopters. No pup or cat goes to a home without a home check and thorough review. I am so happy and proud to work with 4 Paws Animal Rescue and look forward to taking in, caring for and training more of God’s creatures.

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