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I am a Hampton Roads, Virginia based writer and photographer with a passion for many things that cannot be contained in these pages. And I live up a creek.

I’ve learned a lot in life and love to tell stories and help others — whether it be with an amazing character’s story, an inspiring travel destination, an intriguing photograph or a lifestyle suggestion.

I’ve met and interviewed hundreds of characters, have amazing mentors, but most importantly, I have an amazing husband who believes in me and supports whatever seemingly crazy ideas I have to enrich our lives and live them to the fullest.

I am: a mother of three amazing daughters; the Ama (what Indian Nationals call their grandmothers) to an adorable one-year-old that I love without measure; a daughter; a sister; a niece;  a cousin; a friend; etc.

I hope you will find this site an inspiration, a respite in a storm, just a fun place to hand around for awhile whenever or however you found me.

Life is good and I love living it and sharing my discoveries with others.