Work with Me

I would love to hear your partnership ideas for crafting high-quality content for my lifestyle and travel readers to enjoy. I have been writing for health and lifestyle/business publications doing artist profiles and business stories for Hampton Roads, Virginia magazines and Virginia state publications.

My brand is growing and I expect it to skyrocket over the next few months. In the health arena, I have written stories about adults with ADHD, the power of music as a therapeutic aid for children with autism, the obesity epidemic in Latinos and more.

I have much to contribute in the area of content creation, sponsored posts, guest writing and more. I’ve been writing in the short story nonfiction form for the past eight years on a regular basis and my stories are well received. I know how to pull out the essence of a character that makes readers connect and feel the true persona of any article subject.

I would also be interested in participating in social media campaigns and being a hosting presence on other social media platforms.

For more information on any of my work, including current availability and rates, please email Cathy at